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Games and Movie currently under creation

2011-07-16 11:57:12 by McKrashin

Hey everyone now I know I haven't been updating in awhile because no one ever really reads my posts, but I am currently working on a Game for Newgrounds and I wanted to tell you all what it's about, and if i should continue the plot.

The game I am working on now follows the story of a man named Static, who never went outside, but instead sat on the couch and watched television. Now knowing almost every shown television broadcast out there, He become merged with his television, which then gives him abilities to summon characters and actors from different television shows. He takes this as an opportunity to do something with his life and fight those who ruined T.V's reputation. You will follow Static through the world of Outkast Hollywood, a place where shows come to die, to fight hordes of famous faces and ruined actors until television becomes popular yet again.

Comment and tell me if I should continue creating this game. Thanks in advance!

Games and Movie currently under creation


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